Tbilisi one day tour

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Tbilisi is time machine,where is the traces of past,where the city lives with modern tendencies and builds it’s future.

Tbilisi is the city which unifies all Caucasus region and all the nations of all the world and they live under one culture and one morality,which is soaked with Georgian soul,that is the biggest tourist attraction of the region.other than that Tbilisi keeps fragments of past,from past it came until now and Georgian people are its showcase and Tbilisi has great architectural future with its modern buildings.

what you will see: #Abanotubani       #valley of figs    #metekhi church   #narikala castle  #cable car and mother of Georgia statue   #shardeni street   #mtatsminda park #liberty square    #shota rustaveli avenue                       #sameba cathedral

If requested  mtskheta city can be combined with Tbilisi in one day.           

Price of the tour: 1 to 5 person 250gel. (including transportation,driver,guide).

 From 6 to 15person 350 gel. (including  transportation,driver,guide) .

From 17 to 45person 650 gel(including transportation,driver,guide).

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